Welcome To WorldWide Logistics Group


After 40 years in the forwarding fields, we know that our clients’ needs are never static. To prepare this, we subject everything we do to a continual process of enhancement. It is the reason people look at WorldWide Logistics today as the trustworthy provider.

Our professionalism and knowledge of global logistics set us apart from the competition. With a network of 10 offices strategically located around the world, you can be assured of our strong commitment in assisting customers with their international business. Our group is a cooperative association of multi-disciplined experts covering all over the world.

This website offers an insight into who we are, what we do, where we are and how we can assist. We look forward to being of service to you and warmly invite your enquiries.


We Are WWL

WorldWide Logistics Group is a forwarding group focused on helping trading companies which are engaged in their international trade. We specialize in providing all scopes of logistics to our customers all over the world. Our goal is to do our utmost to satisfy our clients. We had built our first company on Feb 1, 1992 in seoul, Korea. And we etablished the other firms around the world and offer professional global service to trading companies.

What We Bring

There are 3 benefits that WWL brings to our customers: 3S
1. Speedy : Our experienced teams provide speedy service.
2. Safety : Our proven services will be offered for your business safe.
3. Saving Costs : Our efficient process will give you reduced expenses.

Our Mission

To be the best company in the logistics field:

Developing outstanding staffs
Researching customer’s needs
Satisfying our clients

Our Values

To be the best company in the logistics field: